Nope…not this month

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Well, not pregnant.

This last month was a stressful one. I can’t say that I’m surprised it didn’t happen, but that doesn’t make it feel any better. God’s plan is so much better than mine, I just have to keep repeating that to myself over and over.

Usually after the initial sadness (and anger) of finding out we are not pregnant again, I feel a little better. The anxiety subsides a bit, I get a little surge of hope. I try to picture it as a cleanse…my body just preparing itself for what is to come. Anything to help…right?

So now…it’s on to another month and on to waiting for my doctors appointment in June.

In other news, we got our kitchen border down and it’s time to paint! Making progress people!!! Wish us luck! I will show before and after pictures when we are finished! If anyone wants to come help tackle the insane amount of wall paper in our bathroom, I’ll supply the wine!

Happy Hump Day, Ya’ll!!


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