Dancing in the Rain…

did you know that people get pregnant without even trying? I know this is not a new development…but this week for some reason I keep thinking about it. No tracking, no doctors, no medication, it just happens. I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like. To be surprised to get pregnant. Not having to go every month wondering, agonizing, bargaining, praying, crying. If only that could happen to us. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Sometimes our journey in life just has to be different than others. Right now, I just don’t know why. I trust with my whole heart that it will be so worth it, because everything in my life that I have had to wait for has been more incredible than I ever imagined.

It has literally been raining cats and dogs here in Texas, and it is such a blessing. Our world has been so dry down here for the past few years. Everything is growing, and turning so green! Even though the skies are grey, I know that the sun will come out soon and we can rejoice over what the rains have provided.

God, thank you for the rain you have sent to our world, and to our lives. Help us find joy when the skies are grey, and teach us to dance in the rain. Because we know, God, that the sun will come out again. Amen.


“For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields. And I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessings on your children” Isaiah 44:3

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  1. To women like us, the idea of accidently getting pregnant is just as foreign to the woman who accidently got pregnant as all our tracking is to them. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever “switch it off” and stop tracking. They say it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit, so our habit of being so tuned into our cycles is like this really weird addiction that can’t be broken. I believe that this different path we walk can eventually be such a testimony to others in the future. The sun does always come again 🙂

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