Work Out Wednesday


I’m back in action today, and feeling much better! Maybe a little Monday cry fest is what I needed to feel a little bit better.

I don’t have much to report today on the baby front. Having some weird symptoms, but that means nothing to me. I feel that every month I have different pregnancy symptoms, and I just KNOW that I’m finally going to get that positive. And it doesn’t happen. Bodies are just weird.

I was thinking this morning about health and fitness. My whole life has been a battle of wanting to look and feel great, and wanting to eat and drink bad things all the time. Let’s be honest, I really only work out so I can eat burgers and pizza.

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Example, this morning my sweet husband made me a breakfast smoothie. It is packed with fruits and veggies and lots of other good things. Then, someone brings donuts to the office. What’s a girl to do? (I haven’t eaten a donut yet, but I’m thinking about it)

Also, I despise working out. After being at work all day, the last thing I want to do is go and spend an hour at the gym. I like my house, and I like my husband. I would rather be there than at some smelly gym! But…like I said earlier…I gotta have those burgers.

So…if anyone has any brilliant tips on how to do better, and actually enjoy the workout, I’m all ears. For now I will just sit here and continue to decide on that donut while I drink my green smoothie.

Happy Wednesday, Ya’ll!!


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