Humpday Humor

Here we are again, Wednesday! This week is going by pretty quickly…thankfully… because we have vacation next week and I was worried this week would DRAAAAAG!

Anywho, I found some more gems to share with you today. Hopefully they make you smile 🙂

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Because when you start a movie at 8:30…you probably won’t be done until about 10:30…and that is past my bedtime. 30 is rough ya’ll.
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Nothing better than an after church nap…except maybe a long winters nap.
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           a girls gotta eat
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I did this over the weekend. Except I wore a vest over it. So every single time I had to take the vest off, then practically undress. #strugglebus
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Honey Boo Boo captures this feeling so well

The appointment went OK yesterday. There are some more tests to run, and we will know more later, but Wednesday’s are for laughing…and also for wearing Pink 😉

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!


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