Back At It…

Hi Guys!! Wow…I have really been slacking on my blog lately!! We had such a great weekend at the lake for the holiday weekend! I love the 4th of July!! Food, family, fireworks…can’t be it!!

I believe that it’s time for another brutally honest post.

I think the reason that I have been absent is because I thought I was pregnant. Seriously, a miracle pregnancy. I had so many early pregnancy symptoms. I am not even kidding, I felt it. I felt pregnant. I was to the point where I was looking up when my due date would be. I thought we would be one of those couples who could tell the funny story, “we went to our first fertility appointment and then got pregnant naturally.”

Well, I am not. You would think that it would make it a little easier knowing that we are already working towards our baby. We have already started all of the testing and taking all the right steps. It’s not easier. I am angrier this time than I have been. My faith is shaky right now.

Would you guys pray for me? I need my positive attitude back. I would like to have some sort of normalcy back in my life, not worrying or thinking about my fertility all the time.

I hope everyone has a great week 🙂


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear your hope was dashed, I know that sinking feeling very well. Praying for you! It’s so helpful to me to know that even if I fall down in my faith time after time after time, that God will always take me back each time I reaffirm my faith in His goodness! You can do this!


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