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Just a little Monday motivation to get this week started!!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!

Our weekend consisted of a whole lotta wall paper removing. As I previously mentioned, the house we bought this year was pretty much move in ready…minus a little bit of wall paper in our bathroom. And by a little bit…I mean SO MUCH WALLPAPER. I spent 3 hours on Saturday peeling it off, and 3 hours Sunday. and it doesn’t look like we will be done anytime soon.

I am well aware that we could have textured over it and painted…but I could see that a lot of the corners were already lifting…so we just decided to bite the bullet and start from scratch. Here is the progress we have made so far…

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     This is the corner of our                bathroom before…
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   and this is after hours of work…

This could take a while you guys. I just have to keep the finished product in my mind bc it’s going to look so good.

Also….my best friend had her baby this weekend. And he is the cutest little pumpkin you have ever seen. I am so obsessed with him already! They live about 5 hours away…let’s see how long I can last before it’s time for a little road trip 😉

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I have set a goal for myself to try and blog at least 3 times this week…you guys hold me to it ok!! I think I’ve got some good things to share!!


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