First Appointment…

Well, our first appointment for this month’s IUI was yesterday, and it was a SUCCESS. Everything looked great, and we are on track!! I’m feeling really excited about it! Prayers for our peace and continued excitement would be appreciated! I don’t want to go into this stressed out and worried…like I normally do things 😉

I also started Clomid for the first time ever last night. I don’t feel any side effects, but if you guys could enlighten me on some things I should be prepared for, that would be so helpful!!

Tomorrow we leave for Dallas to visit our best friends and their teeny new 2 week old baby. I can’t believe I held out two weeks to see him, it’s almost time!!! Get ready for  some serious snuggles baby Cash!!!

Before I tackle Thursday, I wanted to wrap up with a verse that I studied this morning in my quiet time.

“I will bow before your holy temple, and I will give thanks for your unfailing love and faithfulness, because your promises are backed by all of the honor of your name.” Psalm 138:2

He won’t fail us, not today, not ever!!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!


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  1. Best wishes for your IUI! My experience with Clomid was that it made me pretty moody. The worst part about Clomid (for me anyway) was that it made my ovary so full that it was painful, but that’s b/c of all the scar tissue I have surrounding it. If you don’t have scar tissue then that might not be a problem for you. Keep us posted!


  2. Clomid is a sneaky drug. I did 6 cycles with it. Some cycles I felt fine, others created havoc on my digestive system or enlarged my ovaries. I know I avoided pants as they pushed too hard on my ovaries for one cycle for sure. However, the biggest/negative side effect was by far the emotional aspect. Towards the end of my second third straight cycle on Clomid, I was definitely suffering from depression. Once I got period, although I was sad we didn’t get our positive, the veil of depression lifted. The good news is Clomid works for majority of people and your symptoms could be very different from anyone elses. Good luck!!

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  3. Ok Lady! I’m glad I found you! I just started reading your blog, and I skimmed through the last few posts’. Can I just say you sound cute as a button? I’m very excited for you and CP on your 1st treatment. For awhile I kind of felt like such a rookie with the other bloggers I’m reading. They’re all “vets” and for as long as we’ve been trying – we’re only starting treatements in Sept. So I’m excited to see how your IUI goes. Keep that faith sister!! And dont be discouraged if it doesnt work right away. There is always next cycle. Just concentrait and focus on the things you can control and pray! Good luck!!!!


  4. Clomid made me turn into an insane monster. I too didn’t feel it at first, but it was after I was done taking it, getting closer to my PMS time that I was just unbearable. The nurse told me to tell my husband “Things may slip out of my mouth and I have no control over them” and it was the truth. I liked Femara more, but all in all I’ve moved past the hormones and I’m not taking them anymore.


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