Happy 1st Birthday, Jack

Jack Attack!
how in the world are you already ONE? I swear I was cuddling your little squishy newborn self just a little while ago. This time last year I couldn’t have imagined how much love I could have for a tiny human.

You made me an aunt, and you will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I remember the night you were born. We were on our way to town to have dinner with your parents, and my parents for their anniversary. We knew there was already a c-section date scheduled for you to come a week later…so we really weren’t expecting anything. About half way there, we got a call from your dad. We figured it was to tell us restaurant plans had changed. Well, they definitely did. He told us to come on up to the hospital…you decided to come that night!!!! Seriously, sweet boy, you could not have picked a better time to make your appearance.

We rushed right to the hospital, and by the time we got there your mom and dad were already back preparing for your arrival. We all went to eat in the cafeteria. I think this was the best anniversary dinner your Coco and Rondo have had.

Then, we got the text. You were here, and you were perfect. I can’t even explain the excitement we all felt when you were wheeled in. You WERE perfect. The sweetest little face I had ever seen. I instantly fell in love.

The past year watching you grow has been amazing. God bless facetime, it’s my favorite call of the whole week. The older you get, the more I see your sweet personality come out. You are strong willed (you can thank both of your parents for that) but with such a sweet, tenderhearted spirit. I am beyond blessed to be able to be a part of your life! You bring us so much joy.

So, happy first birthday, Jack!!!  Your aunt Halie and Uncle CP love you more than you know!

Aunt Hay Hay

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