Monday Rambling

Happy Monday, Pretties. I haven’t shown up around these parts in about a week or so…so I figured a random list of what’s been happenin’ would be ok!

  • School started today. I haven’t had a first day of school in 8 years. wowzas…I feel old. I have to admit, I LOVE seeing all of my friends little babes in their new school clothes ready to start the year. My nephew also started his first day of “school” today. I wouldn’t be a very good aunt if I didn’t show how freaking adorable he is in his outfit. He’s such a stud.

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  • We went to the lake this weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation! I swear I will never get tired of going there. Also, like good little Texas road trippers, we stopped to take a photo next to a giant long horn. You are welcome.

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  • Doing life with this guy is fun. He’s the bees knees. (mustache and all) Also, matching fishing shirts are where it’s at!!Featured image
  • I went in for my progesterone test on Friday, and everything is PERFECT!!! Yay!! One week to go.
  • Speaking of one week to go, a little bit of anxiety has set in. I am going to try my hardest to not be too stressed out this week. I will keep you posted on how that is going!!

Praying today for peace!!! I know I can’t do this on my own!!

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Have a fabulous week, my friends!!!


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  1. That is THE best scripture!!! I have that one posted on my wall in my office. Everytime I read those words theres an imediate comfort. My suggestion is to keep yourself busy! schedule lots of times with friends, get lost in reality TV for a couple hours.. take an inventory of your grocries and organize dinners.. ha!


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