failed IUIs and new additions…

Hi pretties! I hope everyone is having a great week!! Wednesday already? Woohoo!!!!!

Well, we got our results from our first IUI this week. It didn’t work. I hate to be negative about the experience, because everything went very well and we did everything like we were supposed to. It just didn’t work. I know they say it usually doesn’t the first time, but I was hopeful! I took a few days after we found out before posting anything, my emotions were pretty raw. We are hurting, but actually in a really good place. We know that we have options, we could stay on track and try it again this month, or wait a bit. We have made the decision to wait. I wasn’t prepared for the toll that it would take on me emotionally. We feel that it’s for the best if we get some rest and rejuvenation.

September is a big month for us, our anniversary and both of our birthdays! I think doing another cycle right on the cuff on this disappointment would be too much for my little heart to take! Last month was TOUGH.

I must say there is probably another reason we are taking it pretty well. I am happy to announce that we have a new addition to our little family.

World, meet Miss Piper!!

Featured image

We are obsessed, it was perfect timing for this little nugget! She’s already ready for game day this weekend!!

Featured image

Anywho, that’s what is going on in our life! Ready for a long weekend at the lake, and our 3rd anniversary next week!! I LOVE September!! I hope everyone has a great day! I will leave you with one last pic of our little cutie!!

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5 thoughts on “failed IUIs and new additions…

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  1. I’ve been waiting to hear. I’m sure it was tough to hear the results. I always think.. ok no big deal, next cycle is a new try. But then I get punched in the face with all the emotion probably a day or two after seeing the BFN. It always takes me by surprise. I’m FULL of anxoiusness for our 1st treated cycle. I start my clomid tonight. I’ll be bloging about it later. Definitly take all the time you need to R&R. This is not a race, and I’ll share my mantra with you: “It will happen the way it’s supposed to.” Keep your chin up, and focus on your hubby. And Happy Birthday! AND, Happy to see the new addition!


  2. I’m so sorry girl. We did a handful of IUI and I found it to be so much harder than I expected. It’s all so confusing as to why it didn’t happen.

    We have our anniversary and both our birthdays this month too! All right in a row: (14) anniversary, (15) his birthday, (16) my birthday


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