Memorial Weekend, Anniversary and Pinterest Fails

HELLO my friends!! Looks like I took an extra day of blog-cation after memorial day! I am back in action this week though!

I hope everyone had a great labor day!! We spent a little anniversary weekend at the lake, just the two (and a half) of us!! Ya’ll, we seriously got the PERFECT puppy! She sleeps all night, does great in the car, and loves being on the boat!! WIN! Here’s a pic of my sweet little fam boating this weekend!

Featured image

I was craving some s’mores this weekend, but did not want to build a fire. (it was 187 degrees). So, I got on pinterest to see if I could find a recipe for oven s’mores. Luckily for you, I documented my attempt.

  1. I gathered all of the ingredients

Featured image

2. Filled the muffin tins with the graham cracker crust, chocolates and mallows, then in the oven they went! So far, so good, right?

Featured image

3. They came out perfectly! Yay! Win for me!

Featured image

4. Oh, wait, JK. The marshmellows fell, and made a gooey mess in the muffin tins. 😦 no s’mores for us.

Featured image

Oh well, I will just wait for the weather to cool down and have the real deal. I prefer my mallows burnt crispy anyways!

Yesterday (9/8) was our 3rd anniversary. We went out for a little happy hour, and then on to dinner at one of our favorite places!!! I didn’t remember to take any pics until I was about 3 glasses of wine in. So, I made a little collage of our attempt at a good anniversary pic. You are welcome.

Featured image

Happy 3rd anniversary, my love!!! I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to spend my forever with you!! You are pretty incredible!! Love you!!

So, there’s my little recap on what’s been going on!! Now I shall get back to tackling this Wednesday!

Happy 4 day work week!


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