31 reasons to be Thankful…

Wowzas, it’s been a while guys. I do apologize! I’ve been one busy little bee. I have missed you guys though.

Yesterday I celebrated my 31st birthday. I honestly cannot believe that I am 31 years old, because I feel like I’m about 23. Age is just a number, am I right?

I have the best husband who always makes sure I have the BEST birthdays. We went to my parents house over the weekend for a little family birthday cookout and some football watching (HOW ABOUT THEM RED RAIDERS). Yesterday morning (my actual bday) I woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL tennis bracelet to match my wedding ring. I know guys, I am a lucky girl. The good news about turning 31 is you get to wear fancy jewelry!! Then last night we went out to dinner with my favorite people to one of our favorite places! I ended my perfect day with a long bubble bath! Perfection!

I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year. I have to be honest, it’s been the hardest year of my life. A lot of sadness, a ton of disappointment. But guys, we made it through. I found this quote yesterday and I felt like it defined my year perfectly.

Featured image

Year 31 for me is a year of hope and possibility. I don’t know where God is leading me or what He is doing, but I do know that I can make through anything with His grace and perfect love. His plans are way better than mine, He’s proved it time and time again.

Well guys, I hope you have an excellent Tuesday!!


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