Tuesday Ramblings

Well guys, fall is officially upon us. I absolutely LOVE fall. The smells, the leaves changing, football, boots and scarves everyday. All good things. It also means we are getting closer to another thing I love….THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Ok, don’t judge me when I say this, but I am ready to start decorating for Christmas. I know guys, it’s too early. It may be that this is our first Christmas in our new house, or that we are going to be out of the country for the actual holiday. But seriously , I’m pumped to get all of the green and red and lights and sparkles out of the attic and make my house look like a Christmas miracle. I have been visualizing where my trees will go in my house since we moved in almost a year ago. (#psycho) I always wait until after Thanksgiving is over to decorate…and I will try my hardest to do that this year. Truth be told…I may not make it….I am going to keep it a secret though. I don’t need anyone’s negative comments ;). *cough, sister in law, cough*

Anywho, speaking of being out of the country for Christmas. My parents are taking the fam to Mexico this year for Christmas. Feliz Navidad! I am really really really excited about this vacation. It’s the perfect way to end this not so awesome year. There’s one tiny downside. The body fluff that I usually acquire during the holidays will be more visible this year than it usually is. Meaning…I probably won’t be able to wear a sweater and leggings on the beach. Yikes. I have to get my booty in gear, ya’ll!!

Just to go along with the randomness of this post, there is something thing I have been really trying to work on this week. I feel like I have been really rushing through life recently. I find myself just counting down the days from Monday to Friday. I really hate that I do that. So much can come from our day to day life, and I think I may be missing it. My goal this week is to find time in every single day to just sit back and enjoy something about each day. Weather it’s my quiet time early in the mornings, a break in the middle of the afternoon to take a little walk, or an opportunity to spend some quality time with my hubby in the evenings, that is what I am really striving for. To find time to just sit back and enjoy instead of counting the minutes until Friday at 5.

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Well, that’s probably enough of my rambling for the day. This may be my most random post yet!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!


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