Hello, everyone!! Welcome to Tuesday! If you had yesterday off, happy  4 day work week. For those of us who had to work…we made it past Monday! Way to go!!

I just wanted to share a word today that has been on my heart lately. GRACE. I feel like sometimes I am lacking in this area. I feel like I am always praying to have more grace for people in my life, especially being on this infertility journey. Some people just don’t get it, can I get an amen.

I have to preface this post with telling you guys how extremely blessed I am to have the support system that I have in my family. My husband, my parents, my brother and sister in law. They are so amazing with me and do everything in their power to try and understand my emotions. And for that, I am grateful.

The grace I am trying to muster up is for other people who don’t quite get it. I can’t blame them, they just don’t know how I am feeling. I look around and it seems that everyone just keeps getting what I long for with no problems. I know in my heart that people struggle with different things. No one has a perfect life. But on days where I feel like I can’t find the strength to put one foot in front of the other…I forget logic.

We have all read posts and read funny jokes about what people say to someone battling infertility. Don’t you just wish you could pass our flyers to people educating them on “what not to say”? Mine would sound something like this:

What not to say to someone unsuccessfully trying to have a baby:

  1. Are you doing it right? guys seriously, someone asked me this before. I had no words.
  2. I can just look at *enter name here* and get pregnant. Really? good story. Please do tell me more about that. I enjoy hearing how easy it is for you.
  3. I know someone who tried for 10 years, and then bam, they got pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, hearing success stories does help sometimes. But when I’m on year 2, and you tell me about someone that tried for 10 years, that does not make me feel better. It actually gives me more anxiety…so…thanks for that.
  4. You want to take one of mine home, they are driving me crazy. No. I don’t. Thanks for asking.
  5. Maybe you should relax, go on vacation, stop thinking about it. Oh wow, I didn’t think of that. Maybe I would have saved so much time and money if I had done that in the first place.

There are plenty more, but you get the gist. I KNOW in my heart of hearts that people are just trying to help. This is where grace comes in. I just nod my head and smile and say my rehearsed statement, “I know it will happen, it’s just not our time yet. Everything happens for a reason.”

I don’t think that infertility is talked about enough. No one has a clue that it’s such a big deal. Why is it such a secret? Why do we tip toe around it? I know for me I just don’t want to make people uncomfortable by talking about it. The strange part is people have no problem coming up to me and asking me when we are going to start having babies. Why is it OK for them to ask me such a personal question and not OK for me to tell them we are having trouble?

GRACE. I will just keep repeating that to myself whenever I feel like spewing at them. When I feel like people are just a little too insensitive. GRACE. 


Whew, this one was a long one. Thanks for sticking with me today! I have a feeling I am not the only one who struggles with this!! I will say a prayer for grace for all of you too 🙂

Have a great one, pretties!!




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