I Love, Love


Happy February, lovelies!!! I have to admit, January is not really my favorite. It’s the first month back after all of the holiday hoopla, and I usually work full 5 day weeks for the entire month because I took so much time off in December. Being a grown up is tough, ya’ll. So when February rolls around I get excited.

Plus, it’s a month that’s dedicated to love. And I love, love. I love Valentine’s Day. I always have. Blame it on my dad always surprising me with flowers or little gifts every year, or my mom making our kitchen look like a Valentine wonderland before we left for school. Either way, I have always enjoyed it. Single or married…it’s a day about love!! There is pink and red everywhere you look! What’s not to like!! For all of you Valentine scrooges out there that want to grumble about a made up holiday fabricated by greeting card companies…I’ll talk to you guys on February 15th. 🙂 I’m only kidding…kind of.

Any who, a little recap of the first month of 2016. We didn’t do much, but I had a couple of cute pics to share!

  1. We welcomed in the new year the best way we knew how. With a grown up PJ party of course!!


2. We took a little family trip to the lake house. We did nothing but sleep, eat and play games all weekend. Here is our gal enjoying the view 🙂


3. We ended the month with a super fancy party for CP’s work. We clean up nicely!!


So, that’s basically it for January!! I hope you all have a great Tuesday!! We are headed out for a little ski trip this weekend, and couldn’t be more excited about it!! 4 day work week? Yes please!!!


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