Fun Times

Hello!! wow I didn’t realize how long I had been away!! February turned out to be a CRAZY month. A fun month, might I add, but still crazy!!

We spent a fun weekend in Dallas seeing some of our favorites! My best friend has the cutest, sweetest 6 month old and we were able to be a part of his baby dedication! We also had a lot of catch up time and caught a concert!! We really miss living in Dallas when spring time rolls around. All of the live music and patios…west Texas doesn’t do it like Dallas does.



Last weekend we were able to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law’s birthday. We live in the town all of us went to college in, so it’s always a fun throwback when we all go out!! Also, we tend to realize we aren’t 21 anymore when we don’t bounce back after a night out like we used to!

Sista time. Photo credit to HH.









My love.

So, there is a little end of the month recap for us!! It’s time for life to settle down a little bit. March is our month for some relaxing! I am feeling really behind on things! With the nice weather headed into town, it will be nice to put in a lot of back patio time!!

Here’s to a great weekend ahead!!










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