Who Run the World?

Good morning, pretties! Is it just me, or has it been A WEEK. Whew…this weekend can’t get here quick enough. I see some serious weekend patio time in my future.

Earlier this week I noticed across the internet that March 8 was International Women’s Day. Honestly, didn’t know this was even a day. But, I am a women and I jumped on board.

Now, I don’t typically think of myself as a feminist. Well, the way society defines feminism. But I do believe that we should all build each other up. Support each other. If you want to stay at home and raise a family, good for you. That is one of the hardest jobs out there (with the worst pay 😉 ). If you want to run a company, go girl! If you want to work behind the scenes of a company as support, support away my friend. Remember, companies can’t run properly without administrative staff!

I was lucky enough to hear two AMAZING women in ministry speak this week. I kicked last weekend off at a women’s conference at my church. Our guest speaker was Lysa Turkherst. Then on Tuesday, we were able to be a part of an event that hosted Jen Hatmaker. Guys, they are both rockstars. They are bold, hilarious, Godly, beautiful women who get up and speak God’s promise every day. And not to mention they do it while raising families, running their own ministries, writing books, kicking butt and taking names. If I can’t get on board with that version of feminism, then I have no hope.

Ladies, we live in a time where we can do anything. We can speak freely. We can do whatever we want to do! We can have babies and careers. We can start our own ministries! And we can do it all in bright lipstick and high heels if we want!

It needs to begin while our girls are young. If I didn’t have a strong mom (and grandmother and great grandmother) in my life showing me what women can do, and a Dad who made me feel worthy and like I could take on the world, I assume I wouldn’t feel the way I do today. Support is everything!

My prayer for us today is to be BOLD! Be Loud! We are God’s daughters, and he is proud of us! That’s a truth that we should never forget!

Ok, hope I didn’t get to soap boxy. Because  honestly I couldn’t go one day without the support of my man!! So, cheers to our fellas too!!

Everyone have a great Thursday! Go do something girlie…just cause we can 😉 #girlpower



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