Happy 1st blog-birthday

Happy 1st blog birthday, little bloggie! One year down! In honor of my first year with this little space of mine, I went back and re-read all of my posts. I have to say, I feel like I’ve come a long way since day one. Poor little me in March 2015…I had no idea what was to come!!

But guess what guys, I made it! And I’m happy! I’m content! I’ve grown more than I could have imagined!! Just a few things I’ve learned this year:

  1. I knew nothing about infertility when I started.
  2. A year ago, I thought if I had to go through 12 more months of not being pregnant, I would surely die. Well, I didn’t die. Actually…I’ve had a pretty great year!
  3. I have an incredible support system.
  4. We’ve been able to go on some pretty great trips.
  5. IUI’s don’t usually work on the first try.
  6. It’s OK to not always understand why I am in the place I am in, but it’s not OK to dwell on the negativity of it.
  7. The women in this community are amazing.
  8. Piper girl was an awesome addition to our little fam.
  9. My husband is a rock star.
  10. I don’t have to go through a million fertility treatments just because they are offered. Sometimes being still is exactly where I need to be.
  11. Keep an open mind to things you never thought you wanted to do.
  12. God is faithful, always.
  13. If it takes another year, or two, or three…I’m going to make it. I will probably even come out on the other end stronger than I could have even imagined.

Guys, thank you for letting me pour my heart out to you this year. Thank you for the support and kind words and encouragement many of you have sent my way! Here’s to another great year!!



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