road trips, tattoos, & flying planes


Ya’ll, someday I will be back on a regular basis, and I won’t have to apologize for being absent. I am not sure what the deal is. I love this space. I love writing. I love thinking that maybe my words are helping someone out.

I’ve just been…tired. I’ve been busy. I’ve been blah.

With that said, I will give you quick recap of what we’ve been up to!!

  1. took an AMAZING road trip to Fredericksburg. that place has my heart. Tons of wineries, brewries, german food, and patio sitting.


2. Made a pit stop at Luckenbach and enjoyed some Lonestar beers and sunshine.

3. got a little wild in Austin, ended up at a tattoo parlor. Wrote myself a little note, and had someone permanently apply it so my body. And I’m obsessed with it.


4. went on a work trip…got to fly an actual airplane. We all survived.


5. trying to enjoy life

6. trying to get some rest


Well, I think that’s about it!! I for real miss you guys!!! I am in desperate need of some encouragement, so if you have some, please send my way!

I PROMISE I will be back soon!!







4 thoughts on “road trips, tattoos, & flying planes

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  1. It looks like you’re taking the opportunity to live life to the fullest right now and that is so important, especially on this journey! Keep enjoying yourself and keep us updated when you can. 🙂


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