Fall is Coming…

Fall is upon us, people. Even though technically we have a few more weeks until fall officially begins, the weather around here is making me feel like it’s October already. I must say….I don’t hate it. I love mostly everything about the fall. The weather gets cooler, football season begins, red wines starts flowing. Also, I start slowly introducing my fall clothes back into the mix…which are way way cuter than my summer clothes.

I am sure I have mentioned it, but we live in a college town. Every August when the students start moving back in, our town starts buzzing. I can’t explain it, but it has a different feeling to it. It makes me get all excited for all the fun things to come. Tailgates and ball games are some of my favorites!!

I know we still have 4 more months until a new year starts, but I always feel a sense a new beginning in the fall. My birthday is in September, so I turn one year older. I usually go shopping for new clothes in the fall. I just feel a sense of urgency for newness. Sometimes I want to go shopping for school supplies, just for old times sake.

We have one last long weekend that we are spending at the lake, and I intend to soak up every last drop of summer while I am there. But I will come back welcoming this new season with open arms.

*one side note: can we just do away with pumpkin spice everything this year. it’s getting ridiculous.

I hope everyone has a great week!!



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