September Shennanigans

First and foremost, I am going to ignore the fact that I have been absent for so long, and wish my main man a happy birthday.


Happy birthday, baby! May this year be the best yet!!! I love you big time!!!

Ok, so yes, I have been away for quite a while. September is always so crazy around these parts. There is no one to blame but us. We got married  in September, and both of our birthdays are in September. We thought it was a good idea to throw every expensive holiday into one month. Hindsight, people.

With that said, September is so. very. fun. I tried to document as much as possible.

September 8th we celebrated 4 years of marriage. Guys, I love being married. I love being married to CP. I truly believe we have more fun than anyone else. (no offense guys). We kept it pretty low key this year with a little patio time, and dinner out.

A little over a week later, my parents came in town for a Texas Tech football game. It was the first home game that we were in town for, so we were super excited for some tailgating action!!

A little fun fact about myself, I like to celebrate my birthday for about a week, so this was also a kick off to that! Mom and I did a little (lot) of birthday shopping to get ready for the fall.

On September 21, I turned 32. How in the actual world am I 32? Even though it sounds pretty old, I am gong to accept it and rock it and enjoy every second. My sweet husband gathered some friends for a little birthday happy hour. Color me surprised with my mom and her best friend showed up to celebrate with me!!! Can’t beat that!!

Champs for the 32 year old!!!!

So that brings us to CP’s 30th birthday celebration. He loves golf, and our town has the coolest driving range that was perfect for his party. We rented some private bays and had our own little area the whole night. So many people came out to celebrate my guy and it could not have turned out better!!












So I think that about wraps up September for us!! We shall bring in October with a fun little trip to Fredericksburg for Oktoberfest!!! What…did you think we would slow down after all of that? 😉

You guys have a great Monday!!!! I’ve missed you all!!!


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