Go Time

Well guys, IVF is here. The consultations have been had, the labs have been run, the insides have been checked, the meds have been ordered, and we start injections this  weekend.

Our first appointment was at the end of January. That’s the day we made the decision to go ahead with IVF. It’s a scary, intimidating thing to decide, and don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s not rainbows and butterflies, they are in the business to get you knocked up, and they don’t mess around. (hah)

Note: if you are not 100% ready for IVF, do not decide to go forward with it. It’s very stressful and very adult, all of the decisions you have to make and all of the things you have to talk about. If you are not both on board, I can only assume it would make it so much harder.

So, on the eve of getting this thing started, I’d just like to say how excited we are. I know my body is about to be put to the test, and we are about to do some things I never thought we would be able to do, I am just so excited to see what comes out of this!

Baby P, (or Babies P;)) you are already so loved. Now, grow strong, latch on and try not to cause us a lot of drama.

Let’s get going with these next 3 weeks. May I hold on to my sanity just a bit longer!


To my husband – you are a rock star. Thanks for going into battle with me. No way I could do this without you. (literally)

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