Double the Fun

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year. We started out in January with our first IVF appointment. In February I had a procedure and ordered all of my medication. We started the meds in March, and had our fresh embryo transfer in April. Two weeks later we found out we were pregnant. 3 days after that we learned it was a chemical pregnancy.

After all of that we kind of disappeared. We did some traveling. Enjoyed the summer and tried to decide what our next move was. I had shared so much of our journey up to that point, I decided to take a step back.

In July, we decided to go ahead with a frozen transfer. Our transfer date was July 30. We had 6 embryos frozen, and we decided to transfer two of them. The 10 day wait after our transfer were tough ones. What if it didn’t work again? What if it does work and then we lose them?

And then it happened. We got our miracle. Our two precious babies are due Spring 2019. We are over the moon and truly can’t believe this is really happening!!


Ok, babies. Let’s do this!


IVF fails…

The last time I was around these parts we were embarking on an exciting journey; we were about to start the meds that were going to help me grow as many little eggies as possible.

The injections weren’t as bad as I was expecting…although there were A LOT of them. The doc seemed to keep adding more and more. I had some bad migraines, bruising,  and a few days that I just didn’t feel well, but all in all it wasn’t so bad.


Everything went so smoothly. I made it through the retrieval, and turns out they were able to get 14 eggs. We received a call the next morning and found out that we had 13 embryos on day one. What a blessing!!!

The five days after that we kept getting good news. On day 3, all 13 embryos were still growing like champs. I was on cloud nine. We did a day 5 transfer, and when we showed up to the hospital, we found out that 8 embryos were still looking great. They picked the strongest 2 and transferred them right in. We loved those little embabies so much. We were ready for them to snuggle right in for the next 9 months.

*side note. They put me on this little pill to help combat hyper-stimulation. Let me just say, that tiny pill sent straight from the depths of hell made me feel worse than any other thing I had to take. woof.

The 10 days of waiting that followed the transfer were the worst. I had a work trip scheduled and tried to stay as busy as possible, but it was freaking tough.

On day 10 I went in for blood work a nervous wreck. The whole day I was waiting for bad news. Then we got the call. I will never ever forget the words my nurse said. “Halie, congratulations. You are pregnant!”

All I could do was laugh. Laugh at the past 4 and a half years that I had been dreaming of this moment. Laugh at all we had gone through to get here. Laugh because I just really couldn’t believe it.

I raced to Target, got the cutest stuffed elephant and a book for my husband, and shared the news with him. I will never ever forget the look on his face and how excited he was. It was truly one of my most favorite memories of my life.

We got to bask in the excitement for 3 days.

I knew something was off that morning of my second round of blood work. I was spotting and I just didn’t feel pregnant. A few hours after the blood was taken I got a call from my doctors cell phone. I knew that wasn’t a good sign. I had what they call a chemical pregnancy. The babies never settled in long enough to have a heartbeat.

So that’s where we are now. Heartbroken, trying to pick up the pieces. Trying to figure out what to do next. Too sad to think about doing another transfer. Too tired to muster up the energy to go again.

but the battle continues…



Go Time

Well guys, IVF is here. The consultations have been had, the labs have been run, the insides have been checked, the meds have been ordered, and we start injections this  weekend.

Our first appointment was at the end of January. That’s the day we made the decision to go ahead with IVF. It’s a scary, intimidating thing to decide, and don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s not rainbows and butterflies, they are in the business to get you knocked up, and they don’t mess around. (hah)

Note: if you are not 100% ready for IVF, do not decide to go forward with it. It’s very stressful and very adult, all of the decisions you have to make and all of the things you have to talk about. If you are not both on board, I can only assume it would make it so much harder.

So, on the eve of getting this thing started, I’d just like to say how excited we are. I know my body is about to be put to the test, and we are about to do some things I never thought we would be able to do, I am just so excited to see what comes out of this!

Baby P, (or Babies P;)) you are already so loved. Now, grow strong, latch on and try not to cause us a lot of drama.

Let’s get going with these next 3 weeks. May I hold on to my sanity just a bit longer!


To my husband – you are a rock star. Thanks for going into battle with me. No way I could do this without you. (literally)



Hello my people. Long time no see.

All of a sudden I looked up and October is almost over. This life is just going by in a blink.

And at the same time, I am in the exact same place I was 4 years ago. 4 years ago when we made the decision that we wanted to grow our family. 4 years ago when I was in the same job, same office. 4 years ago I thought life would follow the picture perfect plan I had mapped out in my head.

Funny to look back at that girl and feel a bit envious. So much hope in that little 29-year-old heart. Knowing it may take some time, but not too long. Everyone else she knew had no problem, why would she. After a year, she never thought she could make it another. All of the baby announcements and shower invitations would surely do her in. But she made it. Then came year two and three. Everyone having their second babies. Us traveling and trying to enjoy every second of each other, because SURELY we were due our miracle soon. Right??

Year 4. I’m still here. I don’t cry EVERY time someone asks me about it. I don’t get upset at EVERY announcement or shower.

But I don’t think I can make it another year. And yet, I’ve said that before and here I stand. Thinking back on all we have done. On all we have been a part of. On my growth in faith and trust. God has carried me. Held me. Gave me the best support system. We can do this.



Summer of Fun

GUYS!! HI!! Is it real that I haven’t been around here since MARCH? What in the world have I been doing?

My apologies. I am back and ready to stick around for a while!!

So…spring. The season that I apparently just skipped out on completely. It was fine. Spring really isn’t my favorite if we are being honest here. I looked back on the pictures I took in March and April and it doesn’t look like you missed out on much. Oh, that’s probably because I BROKE MY STUPID FOOT. Guys, we were doing so good making it to the gym 3 days a week. I was feeling so good. Well guess what, dropping a 35 pound weight right on top of your foot will halt that progress quickly. It’s been a long recovery, and 2 months later I’m still not able to wear cute shoes.

*note. I actually dropped in on both feet…that’s why both feet are bruised. I just broke the green one though. Sorry if you gross out easily…or hate feet. 😉

Let’s see what else. Oh yeah, we have decided that we are tired of not having summers, so we are shaking things up this year and having ourselves a “Summer of Fun.” With a hashtag and everything. We got ourselves a country club membership that allows us all the golf and poolside we can handle. We have a bunch of fun trips planned. And we will wrap this summer up with a big 5th anniversary Mexican vacation in September!! Seriously, I am pumped.

We started it out a few weeks ago with a spur of the moment Dallas trip to eat at our favorite places, hit up our favorite bars and go to the Byron Nelson. It was AMAZING.









The next few weekends were spent at the lake, playing golf and laying by the pool. I am all about the sunshine and warm weather this summer. Don’t yell at me guys, I’m wearing lots of sunscreen.


So, that about wraps up the recap and our fun plans. We have a little something planned for October…but more on that later.

Ok, it’s wine time! Can’t have a summer-o-fun with out some vino, amiright!



Left Out

Feeling left out is the worst. I think it starts out young. Being left out on the playground in elementary school, someone not including you in their group in middle school, not being invited to party in high school. Even as an adult I get hurt when someone leaves me out of their plans that I feel like I should be included on.

This whole infertility things brings about a whole new mess of feeling left out. I know that I am all in my head (and I’m really working on that) but when you are one of the only ones who hasn’t been invited join in on the baby parade, it starts to get really really lonely. I get it, you want to spend time with the people who are in the same life stages as you. But I have to tell you, I am starting to feel REALLY left out. I want to be able to have conversations with my friends about the stages that our kids are in, compare stories, be able to have something in common again.

I am so lucky that I have been able to meet people that are going through the same infertility struggles as me, but if I’m being honest I will be so glad to move on. I don’t want to be left out anymore. I want to be a little bit normal. I want to blend in with the crowd. I don’t want to have any more awkward conversations about not having children.

But until then, we just keep moving forward.

The Lord hears those who cry out, and he delivers them from all of their distress. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and he delivers those whose spirit has been crushed. Psalm 34:17-18



Farewell, 2016…

As I sit and reflect on the past year, I can’t help but feel grateful. We are so blessed to get to enjoy so many things. Travel, family, friends. Usually this time of year brings a yearning for more. More than what we did in the past year. More adventure. More travel. More love. More…something.

We aren’t sure what is in store for us in the next year, but I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing. With big, giant, stretched out, open arms we welcome 2017.

With that said, here is just a snippet of what we did last year.

We always start the year out with a fun, fancy pants event for CPs company

We spent an amazing weekend in the mountains skiing, and eating, and relaxing.

one of our many winter weekend getaways to our happy place

I went back to my hometown for Easter…2 hours away. There was a huge surprise blizzard that weekend. When we drove home it was gorgeous enough to get out to the driving range. Love my golf lovin hubs.

Easter lunch with my favorite little bunny.

We took a super duper fun Texas road trip to Fredericksburg/Austin. We drank our way through Texas wine country and fell in love with it. Below is our stop in Luckenbach.

drinking some German beers in Fredericksburg.

pit stop at some wineries

got a little wild in Austin….and got some tattos

spent an awesome dallas weekend with friends at the Dave Matthews concert.

made some amazing new friends…and celebrated them getting married.

took a 10 day vacation and soaked up every second of it

played quite a bit of golf…and improved (kind of)

enjoyed so much family time

turned 32….(yikes)

threw an awesome 30th birthday party for my main man

celebrated Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg! Prost!

Enjoyed lots (and lots) of Texas Tech football.

Took a holiday trip to sunny Florida. I can’t recommend Clearwater enough

Wrapped up the year enjoying the Christmas season with everyone I love.


If you made it to the end of this….way to go! I know it was a long one. Honestly I could have added so much more. I love having this little space as a personal journal. I place I can go back and remember all of the amazing things we’ve done, and how far we have come.

I hope that the new year brings so much more. I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone.

Bring. It. On. 2017.

I hope you all have an AMAZING new year.




The Most Wonderful Time


The lights. The glitter. The snowmen. The trees. The smells. The weather. I love everything about it. I tried not to rush through Thanksgiving this year. I tried to wait, but I didn’t. I was just too excited about it this year. I got my trees up, my mantle put together, all of my fun decorations put out! My shopping almost done! There is something about this time of year that brings me so much joy!

We had a great Thanksgiving full of food (LOTS OF FOOD), family and football. We are blessed to live close to both of our families so  we were able to spend quite a bit of time with both.

Also, our Red Raiders beat those Baylor Bears and put the cherry right on top!

With all of that said, this time of year brings out other emotions. We are coming to the end of another year. Another year older. Another year of dreams not coming to life. Another year of waiting. It’s bittersweet. I know that there are so many of you that feel the same way. Wanting to be so happy, so joyful. But there’s still a tiny space inside that is longing to be filled.

My prayer at the beginning of this season for all of us is Peace. True peace that comes from the one who promises us the desires of our hearts. True peace that passes all understanding and a hope that gets us through each day. There is no time to be sad during the holidays, we have Christmas movies to watch, people!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!


And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 34:4




Do you ever feel like you are just in a funk? The kind of funk where you can’t put  your finger on it, but you just feel….meh? You’re not necessarily depressed, but also not really on top of the world?

I’m somewhere in middle right now. I can’t quite figure out why. Is it because it’s SUPPOSED TO BE FALL, and we are still hovering around the upper 80s? Is it because I am in a little bit of a burn out season at work? Is it because we’ve made some changes and some friendships are no longer a part of our life?

Could be a combination of all of those!! God has been calling us to be still for quite some time now. We are in a season of being on the shelf. We know that we are growing, we know that we are changing, we know without a doubt that He has amazing things for us.

But guys, I’m ready for a little movement. A teeny little spark to show me that something is happening with work, or growing our family, or anything at all! I changed my hair color last week hoping that would help a little…it didn’t.

Just when I start to feel sorry for myself, God jumps in with his sweet reminders. I received my TCC mug exchange gift in the mail over the weekend. My sweet new friend sent along a book called “Savor” by Shauna Niequist. I started reading it immediately and realized that each day that I have is a gift in itself. A chance to find something good in each situation. A chance to Savor each moment. Guys, life is good. My husband is good. My family is good. My world is GOOD.

So today friends, let’s savor. (it’s Friday so that should be a celebration in itself)

Have a great weekend, pretties!!



Goodbye Summer

I have to say, Labor Day weekend is entirely too short. I think  a 4 day weekend would be much better 🙂 But since I don’t make the rules, back to work I go.

We spent the final weekend of the summer soaking up the sun at the lake house. It was a beautiful weekend and we took advantage. Lots of boating, wake boarding, surfing and relaxing!

I also got a WHOLE LOT of aunt Hay Hay time in. I have to tell you, being an aunt is one of my favorite things!! I mean…look at this kid.

We got to play in the water, read lots of books, and have epic bed time dance parties! Who doesn’t love a two year old?? I’m totally bragging, but he’s the best!

Here’s some other pics from our weekend! Wanna see something impressive? Here is my dad wakeboarding…way better than the rest of us might I add.

I am not sure what it was, but you could almost feel fall in the air. The water was just a bit cooler, and you could feel a hint of crispness in the air.



Great weekend wrapping up summer. PS…how cute is Piper gal on that paddle board?

Now…let’s get September going!! Only fun things ahead this month for us!

Have a great Wednesday, people!!











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