September Shennanigans

First and foremost, I am going to ignore the fact that I have been absent for so long, and wish my main man a happy birthday.


Happy birthday, baby! May this year be the best yet!!! I love you big time!!!

Ok, so yes, I have been away for quite a while. September is always so crazy around these parts. There is no one to blame but us. We got married  in September, and both of our birthdays are in September. We thought it was a good idea to throw every expensive holiday into one month. Hindsight, people.

With that said, September is so. very. fun. I tried to document as much as possible.

September 8th we celebrated 4 years of marriage. Guys, I love being married. I love being married to CP. I truly believe we have more fun than anyone else. (no offense guys). We kept it pretty low key this year with a little patio time, and dinner out.

A little over a week later, my parents came in town for a Texas Tech football game. It was the first home game that we were in town for, so we were super excited for some tailgating action!!

A little fun fact about myself, I like to celebrate my birthday for about a week, so this was also a kick off to that! Mom and I did a little (lot) of birthday shopping to get ready for the fall.

On September 21, I turned 32. How in the actual world am I 32? Even though it sounds pretty old, I am gong to accept it and rock it and enjoy every second. My sweet husband gathered some friends for a little birthday happy hour. Color me surprised with my mom and her best friend showed up to celebrate with me!!! Can’t beat that!!

Champs for the 32 year old!!!!

So that brings us to CP’s 30th birthday celebration. He loves golf, and our town has the coolest driving range that was perfect for his party. We rented some private bays and had our own little area the whole night. So many people came out to celebrate my guy and it could not have turned out better!!












So I think that about wraps up September for us!! We shall bring in October with a fun little trip to Fredericksburg for Oktoberfest!!! What…did you think we would slow down after all of that? ūüėČ

You guys have a great Monday!!!! I’ve missed you all!!!



Goodbye Summer

I have to say, Labor Day weekend is entirely too short. I think ¬†a 4 day weekend would be much better ūüôā But since I don’t make the rules, back to work I go.

We spent the final weekend of the summer soaking up the sun at the lake house. It was a beautiful weekend and we took advantage. Lots of boating, wake boarding, surfing and relaxing!

I also got a WHOLE LOT of aunt Hay Hay time in. I have to tell you, being an aunt is one of my favorite things!! I mean…look at this kid.

We got to play in the water, read lots of books, and have epic bed time dance parties! Who doesn’t love a two year old?? I’m totally bragging, but he’s the best!

Here’s some other pics from our weekend! Wanna see something impressive? Here is my dad wakeboarding…way better than the rest of us might I add.

I am not sure what it was, but you could almost feel fall in the air. The water was just a bit cooler, and you could feel a hint of crispness in the air.



Great weekend wrapping up summer. PS…how cute is Piper gal on that paddle board?

Now…let’s get September going!! Only fun things ahead this month for us!

Have a great Wednesday, people!!











Fall is Coming…

Fall is upon us, people. Even though technically we have a few more weeks until fall officially begins, the weather around here is making me feel like it’s October already. I must say….I don’t hate it. I love mostly everything about the fall. The weather gets cooler, football season begins, red wines starts flowing.¬†Also, I start slowly introducing my fall clothes back into the mix…which are way way cuter than my summer clothes.

I am sure I have mentioned it, but we live in a college town. Every August when the students start moving back in, our town starts buzzing. I can’t explain it, but it has a different feeling to it. It makes me get all excited for all the fun things to come. Tailgates and ball games are some of my favorites!!

I know we still have 4 more months until a new year starts, but I always feel a sense a new beginning in the fall. My birthday is in September, so I turn one year older. I usually go shopping for new clothes in the fall. I just feel a sense of urgency for newness. Sometimes I want to go shopping for school supplies, just for old times sake.

We have one last long weekend that we are spending at the lake, and I intend to soak up every last drop of summer while I am there. But I will come back welcoming this new season with open arms.

*one side note: can we just do away with pumpkin spice everything this year. it’s getting ridiculous.

I hope everyone has a great week!!



what defines you…

I have been listening to some podcasts lately, and this week I came across Lena Dunham’s podcast series “Women of the Hour”, specifically her episode title¬†Body.

She interviewed different women discussing¬†specific things about them that they may find troubling, things that they like about themselves, things that they have lived with their entire lives. She would wrap up each discussion by asking them a question, “Are you your…?” whatever it may be. “Are you your disability?” “Are you your hair?”

That got me thinking. What defines me?

Are you your infertility?

I would like to think not. I am a wife. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A child of God. A hard worker. A good nap taker. An excellent bottle of wine picker.

My biggest fear is that people only think of me as what I am lacking.

We were having a birthday gathering at work this morning, and I got so frustrated about something, that seems a little silly now, but it really got me thinking. We were all sitting around and two ladies ¬†were talking (mostly complaining) about their kids. Obviously this is not a bad thing, but I feel that whatever we¬†are talking about the conversation goes directly back to their children.¬†What they did to get in trouble, how busy they are, how tired they are making them. I came to the realization that I don’t truly know these women, that their entire lives seem to revolve around their kids.

Are you your children?

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I hope to not one day be wrapped up in something so much that I lose everything about who I am. I hope that I will be able to hold an adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around school districts, and meet the parent nights and what is the appropriate age to buy my child an IPAD.

*side note. I don’t even own an IPAD. 3 year olds have IPADS these days….

I digress.

This question is something that we can ask of anyone, really.

Are you your job?
Are you your illness?
Are you your money?

The good news that I keep telling myself everyday is that my¬†identity doesn’t have to fit into one box, one category, one definition. No we haven’t been able to have a baby, but I am NOT my infertility. Yes I do like what I do for a living but I am NOT just my job. I do have a pup that I love but I am NOT just a dog mom. (JK on that last one…kind of.)

So here’s to defining out lives however we want, in as many different ways as we want, at any¬†time that we want!


Family is Best

Family is the best thing in the world. Can I get an amen!

This past weekend we had a family wedding. All of my cousins were in town, under the same roof for the first time in over a year. I don’t know how the rest of you do it, but this family knows how to party. We ate, we drank, we laughed, and we DANCED. We danced our little hearts out.

After the weekend was over, and the excitement died down, I realized that family is everything. We love each other, we support each other, and we know how to laugh together. Family is not always easy. Family can be annoying, disappointing, a little too much sometimes. But in the end, family will be the ones that are there. Every new person that we bring into the family just fits right in. My husband claims them as his own, for better and for worse ūüėČ

So here’s to my family. You guys rock!!






These are my monkeys and this is my circus.


Be Still…

If my life had its own theme, I believe it would be “be still”. Honestly, that would probably be the title of my life as well. Nothing has ever come quickly for me. Relationships, jobs, financial stability, marriage, baby.

I have had a blessed life. All of the waiting I have had to do has led me to some really incredible things.

With that said, I don’t like waiting. It’s not fun to be still.

I started this blog as an outlet to share our infertility struggles, and it has been amazing for me. I get to share all of our hard times, and hurts and also other parts of our life that are good! I haven’t touched on the infertility section of my heart in quite some time, so I feel like I owe it to this space to revisit that.

A year ago this month was the last time we stepped foot in our fertility doctors office. My blood test that showed that our IUI did not work was the last appointment that I had. We have been seeking answers, direction, anything at all to point us to where we are to go next in our journey.

Anyone want to take a guess as to what that answer has been.

Be Still.

I do not know why this isn’t happening. I do not know the reasons that everyone is getting pregnant around me, a few of them with the second while I am still trying for my first. I may never understand the reasons. And I have to be ok with that.

But when God tells you to be still, you do it. He has given me more peace in the past few months than I ever thought possible. We are enjoying life. Staying active. Staying positive.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have hard times. I get sad, frustrated, mad. I still want to be a mom, and I don’t think that will go away. But the peace and calmness that God has placed in that void gets me through every one of those emotions. It’s the peace that passes all understanding. And in that alone, I have hope.

“BE STILL and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

“Now then, STAND STILL and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes.”
1 Samuel 12:16

“BE STILL before the Lord and wait patiently for him” Psalm 37:7

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”¬†Philippians¬†4:7


Workout Wednesday

Well guys, I’ve hit a snag in my new routine. I blame vacation. I blame the 3 migraines I had last week. I blame summertime and the fact that I would rather sit on a patio with a drink. I blame being tired from work.

Honestly, I should just blame being lazy. I was doing SO GOOD! Hitting my 3 workouts a week goal, and even getting one or two more in.

But then life got in the way.

I’ve got to find that motivation that I had before we left for vacation. I’ve accomplished one workout this week, and will really try to make it a point to get two more in. Two more tiny workouts to get back to my goal.¬†While we are talking about goals, yours truly has really decided to be on the see food diet. You know, you see it you eat it. All that has done is made my stomach feel yucky and fill my head full of regret. (except for the Taco Villa bean burritos I ate, there is never any regret there).

So, that is my workout update this week. I’m ready to feel good again. I’m ready to feel rested again.


Well guys, I hope you had a great hump day! Only two more days left this week! We can do this!!!