Overflow with Confident Hope

Happy Monday everyone. The second week back doesn’t seem as bad as the first week back after the holidays. Getting into a routine again kind of feels good.

With that said, our household has been hit with the cold. It’s really no fun, but mostly it’s just annoying. We have been pumping ourselves full of vitamins and cold medicine, hopefully we will be 100% soon.

Do you ever just feel tired? Like you just don’t want to do this anymore? I accept that this is our journey, our story to share. But sometimes, I just want to be done with it. I was talking to my mom last week, and she told me that to have a testimony, you have to make it though tests. I never thought of it that way. I never necessarily had a testimony to share, now that I do…I think I just want to be done with it. I feel like I have enough to go on. Can we just wrap this up already?

The bad news, I don’t have the answer for that. The good news, God is with me every single step of the way. He is equipping me to keep going. He is walking with me through each and every heartbreak. Each negative test. Each pregnancy announcement that comes my way. Is it hard…every single time. Can I handle it? Well I have so far.

Somehow, I keep putting one foot in front of the other, slap a smile on my face and keep going. Sisters, He’s got us. No matter how hard it is (talking to myself here too), begin this year with hope. Just like you did last year. Just like you did the year before that. And maybe even the year before that. He will make it worth your while!

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with Joy and Peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Romans 15:13

Have a great day, my friends. I pray peace over all of you!

Also, send some prayers for this cold junk to go away. Being sick is for the birds.





Hi Guys!!! I cannot believe it is already Thanksgiving week. November flew by! 

I can’t help but reflect on the year and realize how thankful and blessed we really are. If you follow this blog very closely, you know I love a good list. So, here is my Thankful list!!!

  1. So very thankful for my main man. CP, you are the chips to my salsa, the lime to my beer. The cheese to my pizza. Seriously, though. Crazy thankful for you!

2. My family. Life is just better with them.

3. My friends, who keep me grounded and sane, and filled with wine when they know I need it. So blessed by the old, and new friendships that God has placed in my life. (not going to add pics of them without there approval…just imagine how beautiful they all are)

4. The best nephew in the whole world. For real.

5. My gal, Piper. We seriously lucked out with this one. She loves her naps, her snacks and cuddles. #shegetitfromhermomma

6. Thankful for my Lord and Savior, who forgives me daily and never fails. For His grace, and mercy and continued blessings in my life. For giving me peace that passes understanding. For giving me all of these things that I am thankful for.

7. and I am thankful that I have this little space that I can come to when I need to vent, cry, laugh or be completely random and silly. I am thankful for each of you that visit me regularly. I pray for you guys daily and I hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving! See you guys next week!!


A Doozy of a Week

Have you guys ever had one of those weeks where nothing seems to go the way it should? Like…every time you think things are going to get better something else happens?

Well, that’s my week in a nutshell. I always try not to rush through life, but this week I wouldn’t mind a fast forward button to Friday.

Another failed cycle, disappointment after disappointment at work. My hubs leaves tomorrow for a trip and won’t be back until Monday.

This is dumb, but on top of all of that, my office is having a chili cook-off Friday. Apparently I was nominated to be our team captain, and people keep making excuses why they can’t help. This stupid chili cook-off is the tiny straw that broke the camels back this week.

With all of that said, I need to turn my week around. I am going to make the effort to find all of the good that is coming from this week. As much as I would like to wallow in this little pity party I am throwing, I am going to look at the bright side.

We joined a new life group at church, and we met for the second time last night. We are loving them and they are proving to be such a blessing!! Last night we had a pumpkin carving night. Here are the finished products.

Featured image

Another positive, my mom is coming to play tomorrow, and I am going home for a few days this weekend for so many nephew snuggles. Nothing cures a bad week like a little family time!!

For today, I will leave you with a little inspiration. Even when it’s hard, it helps to be joyful. Proclaim in Jesus name that good things are coming! Trust that God will take care of every little thing!

Featured image

Thanks for listening to my rants guys!!! I feel better!!! I hope everyone has a great rest of your week! Please know that you are all in my prayers! I’m so thankful for this space of mine and all of you!!


Marriage Getaway Weekend

Hi guys!!!!

We made it back from our Marriage Getaway with a serious case of the blues. We have such an incredible time each year, but coming back to the real world it the pits. I just have to keep telling myself that if we lived there all the time we would not appreciate it as much. (even though I don’t think that is true)

Anywho, I’ll give you a quick recap of our weekend and show you some pics to make you super jealous of how gorgeous this place it.

We left Thursday morning with two other couples and headed to Colorado Springs. We started a tradition two years ago of stopping at the Broadmoor for lunch and a little exploring. Spending a few days there to relax and play golf is definitely on our bucket list. (Well, the golf part is on CP’s bucket list)

Featured image

After lunch, we headed to the castle. It’s called Glen Eyrie, and it’s located in the Garden of the Gods. Right when you pull in you feel drastically lighter. The air, the beauty, it’s like none other. We spent the next 3 days resting, reconnecting, hiking, playing games and learning more about how to have a healthy, lasting, fulfilling marriage, the kind of marriage that God wants us to have. With our past year of heartache, we really needed this weekend away together. It really put things into perspective. God used this weekend as a time of rest and healing.

If you ever get the chance to get away, I would highly suggest taking advantage of this place. They offer marriage getaways through out the year. Getting away for your marriage is one of the best things you can do. We were able to connect with each other, as well as other couples who want to grow their marriage as much as we do! It’s an incredible feeling.

I could go on and on about it, but I will just show you a few pics from our weekend. I hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!

Featured image
                       We have arrived!!!
Featured image
               The view pulling up to the Castle
Featured image
                    Sun’s up Gun’s up!!!!
Featured image
                         Hike Day!!!
Featured image
                  Love this view of the rocks!
Featured image
                                          My boo 😉

If you guys want more information about this place or the marriage getaways, don’t hesitate to email me about it! I am happy to share all that I know!!

Peace Out!

Marriage Getaway

hello my pretties.

You guys wanna know what’s better than a 4 day work week? A THREE day work week. That’s right, today is my last day around here!

Hubs and I get to go away this weekend to a little marriage getaway. We are headed to Colorado Springs to stay in a castle….like a princess. This will be our second time doing this. We went 2 years ago, and we loved it so much we have been counting down the days until we get to go again! 4 days of mountain air, hiking, resting, enjoying! I can’t wait!!! It’s just good for the soul. I will take pictures to share with you next week!! For now…here is where we will be.

Featured image

I hope everyone has a great rest of your week, and an even better weekend!!!


Positive Polly

I am taking time on this gloomy rainy day to throw out a little sunshine. I have been thinking a lot about our future, and preparing myself for the outcome that life may turn out a little differently than I thought it would.

And that is ok.

It’s time for another list. This time I am listing out the positives of being child free, at least for the foreseeable future. I am hoping this list will make some of you guys feel a little bit better too!! Here we go!!!

1. Being able to go to the movies on a random Tuesday at the drop of a hat.

2. Not feeling guilty about getting a $50 pedicure…ain’t got no extra mouths to feed.

3. Spur of the moment road trips.

4. Planning exciting vacations.

5. Sleeping in. Sleeping all night. Sleeping in general…or so I’ve heard.

6. Playing with my cute nephew and all my friends sweet babies…then sending them back to their parents to do the hard part.

7. Happy houring. I am not certain, but I don’t think you are allowed to do that anymore without planning for it.

8. Not having to pay for child care.

9. Spontaneity in general.

Ok…so I hope I am not offending anyone reading that has kids. That is absolutely not my intention. I am just throwing these out there for those of us struggling with what we want so desperately, and not able to have!!

Sometimes thinking of all of the things I am able to do helps me get through this journey. I hope it made you smile a little as well! It’s not an easy road we are on…but it’s the path we have been lead to. There is a reason we are here, girls. Find hope in that!

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week, and an even better weekend!!

also…here’s hoping my red raiders have a good weekend too! WRECK EM TECH!!


Featured image

Goodbye September…

Well, we’ve almost made it through our most favorite month of all 🙂 We wrapped up September this past weekend with CPs birthday, and I must say, it was a pretty great weekend!!!

I love his birthday almost as much as I love my own. I love showering him with gifts, and parties and surprises!

We began his birthday celebration on Thursday night with a little happy hour, then headed to Alamo Drafthouse for a 90s sing a long. If you have a Alamo Drafthouse close by, go and do this sing a long. It was such a blast! But only go if you like to have fun…if you are a fun hater than you won’t enjoy it.

Featured image

Then Friday night was family dinner night with CP’s family! Pizza, card games and ice cream…all of his favorite things 🙂

Saturday was his actual birthday, and it just happened to fall on the same day as one of the biggest games of the season. So we did want any good little red raider would do, we threw a big tailgate in his honor!! My brother and sister in law came in town to play, so we loaded up at 10:45 and headed to brunch!! $3 mimosas are just what the doctor ordered 🙂

After brunch we headed over to the stadium for a day full of friends, games and cold beer! Perfect!

Featured image

Although Tech lost (a devastating loss might I add), it was an incredible game and we are freaking proud of our raiders!

I hope you had the most amazing birthday! I am so happy you were born! Love you more!!

We shall prepare for it all over again this weekend when we head to Dallas for the Rangers game, and the Tech/Baylor game. I just love the fall 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!


31 reasons to be Thankful…

Wowzas, it’s been a while guys. I do apologize! I’ve been one busy little bee. I have missed you guys though.

Yesterday I celebrated my 31st birthday. I honestly cannot believe that I am 31 years old, because I feel like I’m about 23. Age is just a number, am I right?

I have the best husband who always makes sure I have the BEST birthdays. We went to my parents house over the weekend for a little family birthday cookout and some football watching (HOW ABOUT THEM RED RAIDERS). Yesterday morning (my actual bday) I woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL tennis bracelet to match my wedding ring. I know guys, I am a lucky girl. The good news about turning 31 is you get to wear fancy jewelry!! Then last night we went out to dinner with my favorite people to one of our favorite places! I ended my perfect day with a long bubble bath! Perfection!

I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year. I have to be honest, it’s been the hardest year of my life. A lot of sadness, a ton of disappointment. But guys, we made it through. I found this quote yesterday and I felt like it defined my year perfectly.

Featured image

Year 31 for me is a year of hope and possibility. I don’t know where God is leading me or what He is doing, but I do know that I can make through anything with His grace and perfect love. His plans are way better than mine, He’s proved it time and time again.

Well guys, I hope you have an excellent Tuesday!!


Memorial Weekend, Anniversary and Pinterest Fails

HELLO my friends!! Looks like I took an extra day of blog-cation after memorial day! I am back in action this week though!

I hope everyone had a great labor day!! We spent a little anniversary weekend at the lake, just the two (and a half) of us!! Ya’ll, we seriously got the PERFECT puppy! She sleeps all night, does great in the car, and loves being on the boat!! WIN! Here’s a pic of my sweet little fam boating this weekend!

Featured image

I was craving some s’mores this weekend, but did not want to build a fire. (it was 187 degrees). So, I got on pinterest to see if I could find a recipe for oven s’mores. Luckily for you, I documented my attempt.

  1. I gathered all of the ingredients

Featured image

2. Filled the muffin tins with the graham cracker crust, chocolates and mallows, then in the oven they went! So far, so good, right?

Featured image

3. They came out perfectly! Yay! Win for me!

Featured image

4. Oh, wait, JK. The marshmellows fell, and made a gooey mess in the muffin tins. 😦 no s’mores for us.

Featured image

Oh well, I will just wait for the weather to cool down and have the real deal. I prefer my mallows burnt crispy anyways!

Yesterday (9/8) was our 3rd anniversary. We went out for a little happy hour, and then on to dinner at one of our favorite places!!! I didn’t remember to take any pics until I was about 3 glasses of wine in. So, I made a little collage of our attempt at a good anniversary pic. You are welcome.

Featured image

Happy 3rd anniversary, my love!!! I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to spend my forever with you!! You are pretty incredible!! Love you!!

So, there’s my little recap on what’s been going on!! Now I shall get back to tackling this Wednesday!

Happy 4 day work week!


failed IUIs and new additions…

Hi pretties! I hope everyone is having a great week!! Wednesday already? Woohoo!!!!!

Well, we got our results from our first IUI this week. It didn’t work. I hate to be negative about the experience, because everything went very well and we did everything like we were supposed to. It just didn’t work. I know they say it usually doesn’t the first time, but I was hopeful! I took a few days after we found out before posting anything, my emotions were pretty raw. We are hurting, but actually in a really good place. We know that we have options, we could stay on track and try it again this month, or wait a bit. We have made the decision to wait. I wasn’t prepared for the toll that it would take on me emotionally. We feel that it’s for the best if we get some rest and rejuvenation.

September is a big month for us, our anniversary and both of our birthdays! I think doing another cycle right on the cuff on this disappointment would be too much for my little heart to take! Last month was TOUGH.

I must say there is probably another reason we are taking it pretty well. I am happy to announce that we have a new addition to our little family.

World, meet Miss Piper!!

Featured image

We are obsessed, it was perfect timing for this little nugget! She’s already ready for game day this weekend!!

Featured image

Anywho, that’s what is going on in our life! Ready for a long weekend at the lake, and our 3rd anniversary next week!! I LOVE September!! I hope everyone has a great day! I will leave you with one last pic of our little cutie!!

Featured image


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