ttc journey…

Sept. 2013 – We had been married exactly a year when we decided we would stop birth control and just see what would happen. Nothing.

January 2014 – Starting casually tracking my cycles. Temperature, etc. Nothing.

November 2014 – Had my annual gyno appt. and everything looked great. She said the best option was to go see a fertility doctor. I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

December 2014 – Saw a doc that tested all of my hormone levels. I don’t produce enough progesterone. Put me on a supplement.

March 2015 – Still not pregnant, time to make that appointment.

June 2015 – First fertility appointment. Still have a few more tests, will most likely have to do IUI.

July 2015 – The doctors recommendation is to do an IUI. Taking July off for rest, will probably do IUI in August.

August 2015 – Our first IUI. Fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed!!!

September 2015 – First IUI attempt was unsuccessful. Taking a break from treatments. Also, we welcomed a puppy baby into our family. Enter Piper.

October 2015 – Not pregnant. Enjoying life for  a while.

November 2015- Nope.

December 2015 – Nada.

January 2016 – Can someone please pass the wine?

February 2016 – waiting…

March 2016 – …

April 2016 –  see a trend?

May 2016 – *crickets*



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